COG Bonder for FPD

COG Bonder
for FPD

COG Bonder for FPD

COG Bonder (Chip On Glass) is a system that bonds LCD driver IC to the LCD panel with high bonding accuracy.
Our lineup of fully automated high-speed systems covers COG, FOG and FOB bonder.

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  • High bonding accuracy
    ・High bonding accuracy (XY:±3µm) for all panel size.
    ・Enhanced alignment accuracy to recognize marks on IC and the LCD panel by single camera view. (Original technology)
    ・Enhanced IC mounting accuracy to innovate integrated structure of stage and backup.
    ・Improved stability of high accuracy by adoption of a rigid frame for the final bonding unit and a new control method for bonding load/speed.
  • High productivity
    ・High throughput of 4 panels transfer at once. (for panels smaller than 8-inches)
    ・Greatly reduced model changeover time since model change parts are not required. (No stage replacement for panel size and ACF width change)
    ・Double Stage IC supply eliminates need to stop line.
    ・Improved maintenance space through adoption of large covers.
  • COG/FOG process full line
    ・We have a lineups that support full proposals.

<Line configuration>
Loader, Cleaner(LCD terminal cleaning unit), COG, FOG, Buffer, AOI, FOB(PWB), Unloader

Equipment specifications

System name COG for small size LCD COG for medium size LCD
Model TTC-3000S TTC-3000M
Panel size 36×60~130×250mm
IC size Width: 0.5~2.4mm
Final bonding accuracy X Y:±3µm(3σ)
Tact time
(Depend on process)
2.8s 1IC
4.5s 2IC
5.5s 1IC/2 panel handling
10.5s 4IC/1 panel handling
ACF attachment accuracy Width:±0.1010mm(3σ)
Number of panels handled 4 panels 2 panels:130×250~210×270mm
1 panel  :210×270~290×390mm
(Include supply and eject space)