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No prior contact with the company is required to make a link to the home page of this web site (https://www.shibaura.co.jp/). Prior contact is required for a link to any page other than the home page. In such cases, please use the contact address indicated on the page to which you want make a link.

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1)No matter where you link to on this web site, the Shibaura logo cannot be used for the purpose of making a link. (Prior agreement and authorization are required for use of the Shibaura logo.)

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・Web sites that contain content intend to inflict libel or undermine the integrity of the company or its related companies, their directors or employees, or any other companies, organizations or individuals.

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・Web sites whose design might mislead third parties to the extent that they get the mistaken impression that such web sites are operated by Shibaura Mechatronics, through such methods as opening this web site within a frame on a linked web site.

・Other web sites that the company deems inappropriate.

3)Regardless of the reason, you cannot make a link to this website if you do not intend to comply with the conditions on linking or on how to make the link. In the event that the company asks you remove a link to this web site, please comply immediately.

4)The company bears no responsibilities whatsoever for the accuracy, etc. of the content of any part of this web site to which a link is made.

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If you have an opinion or inquiry on this web site, please use "Inquiries about Shibaura Mechatronics."