We aim to reduce environmental impacts across our business operations, including development and production. We are committed to providing equipment that allows our customers to manufacture with many fewer inputs of energy and resources.

Environmental Charter

Recognizing that “humankind has the duty to hand on the irreplaceable global environment to the next generation in a sound state,” we seek to contribute to a sustainable society.

Environmental Management Promotion
“Promote the idea we must use fewer resources and reduce emissions in all of our business processes.”

Offering Environmentally Conscious Products
“In pursuit of fewer environmental burdens, from the development stage all the way through to disposal.”

A Socially Aware Company
“Promote CSR management in cooperation with our stakeholders.”

Basic Policy, Implementation System

Objectives of the Environmental Plan

Shibaura Mechatronics Group is committed to “monotsukuri”, as a manufacturer that delivers total solutions extending from product development through to services. We bring together core technologies cultivated over many years in areas that include precision mechatronics, vacuums, wet cleaning, deposition, etching and bonding, and we apply this know-how to the development of manufacturing equipment for applications that range across flat panel displays, semiconductors, media devices, electronic components and optical thin film. Throughout our activities, we give full consideration to the environment and promote the provision of environmentally friendly products.

Specific Initiatives

1.Promoting Environmental Management
・As part of promotion of "no use and no emissions" in our business processes, we are minimizing the use of resources in our business activities, and promoting no emissions of CO2 and waste to the fullest extent possible.
・By reducing the use of resources, burdens on the environment, and emissions resulting from business activities, we will strive to protect the environment and to promote activities focused on the two pillars of the environment and management, in alignment with continual efforts to improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.

2.Providing Environmentally Conscious Products
・We recognize the finite nature of the Earth's resources, and so promote their effective use and utilization. Building on this, we continue to proactively expand the provision of environmentally conscious products that have fewer environment impacts throughout their lifecycle.

3.Promoting business activities
・We have defined targets for our business activities, and in all of our business processes we are working to reduce impacts on the environment in a way that helps to mitigate climate change, promote effective use of resources, and reduce the use and improve the management of chemical substances.

4.A Socially Aware Company
・We act in compliance with environment-related laws, guidelines approved by the company and voluntary standards.
・All company employees are committed to increasing their own levels of environmental awareness.
・In promoting environmental activities across Shibaura Mechatronics Group as a whole, developing and offering excellent environmental technology and products, and in cooperating with communities and society in promoting environmental activities, we proactively engage in information disclosure and communication with the purpose of cultivating mutual understanding.

Environmental Protection System

Under the Environmental Management Officer, we divide the ECP promotion system into two, product systems and business systems, each with a person responsible for its execution. At the "Group-wide Global Environmental Committee" we set the direction for the Group's approach to environmental issues, and work to promote company-wide environmental activities.

Environmental Protection System

Environmentally Conscious Products

Shibaura Mechatronics Group promotes the creation of environmentally conscious products: Shibaura Mechatronics Environmentally Conscious Products, or SM-ECP. This evaluation covers all stages of the product life cycle, including material procurement, manufacturing, transportation, use, and final disposal. There is also another, higher category of products that secure a particularly high evaluation. These are Shibaura Mechatronics Excellent Certified Environmentally Conscious Products, SM-EXECP, and the environmental impacts of these products are evaluated, from the development stage on, against three criteria: mitigation of climate change; effective use of resources; and management of chemical substance.
The Group will continue in its efforts to reduce environmental impacts by proposing more environmentally friendly products to customers.

Examples of environmentally friendly products:Flip Chip Bonder

alignment film inkjet coating equipment for large substrates

Environmental contribution:
More effective use of resources

・Power consumption: 13% reduction

Value contribution: Higher productivity
・Hourly throughput: 6% up

      * Compared to our similar equipment

Description of equipment

The equipment attaches ICs (chips with built in electronic circuits, formed on a silicon substrate) on substrates and carriers, and achieves high mounting capability that can be applied to advanced packages.
It is used in the manufacture of many kinds of packages.

Mitigation of climate change; more effective use of resources

Greater precision, measures against particle contamination and improved inspection functions all contribute to lower product defect rates than with current equipment.
Reviewing the power supply specifications of similar equipment won lower power consumption, allowing us to use resources effectively and to offer environmentally friendly products that satisfy our customers.