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From service bases in Japan and overseas, Shibaura Mechatronics Group uses it high-tech capabilities to respond to diverse customer needs and to contribute to factory productivity improvements and equipment performance maintenance and upgrades.

Maintenance Business

Regular maintenance, overhauls, machine management, and repair

Regular maintenance, Overhaul,  Machine management, Repair

Expert engineers provide all required services, including regular maintenance and repair, ensuring that customers can use their liquid crystal, semiconductor, and vacuum application units securely and efficiently.

Machine Manufacturing, Used Machine sales, Modification Business

Used machine and device sales, overhauls, engineering service for transfer and setup

Machine Manufacturing, Used Machine sales, Modification Business

We respond to customer requests, demands for productivity improvement and quality and yield improvement through upgrades, remodeling, extension of life-span, overhauls, relocation and start-up, etc. as well as sales of used equipment.

We also manufacture and sell peripheral equipment including loaders, unloaders, and buffers and laser and microwave application units.

Component & Product Business

Sales of parts or various devices, parts cleaning, surface treatment and evaluation, analysis

Component & Product Business

By using process technologies cultivated through the manufacture of liquid crystal, semiconductor, and vacuum equipment, we can quickly provide high-quality parts for equipment including vacuum pumps, and also provide super-accurate cleaning of electronics parts.