Message from the President

Shibaura Mechatronics Group contributesto manufacturing through Three S’s: Smart, Solutions and Services

Shibaura Mechatronics Group brings core know-how cultivated over many years to total solutions in areas as diverse as high-accuracy mechatronics, cleaning, vacuum processing, sputtering, etching and bonding technologies. Our capabilities, range from the development of manufacturing equipment for flat panel displays, semiconductors, electronic components and optical thin films to the provision of comprehensive service support. Guided by our corporate philosophy of Innovation in All Things, Pursuit of Rationality, and Respect for Humanity, we have become an indispensable partner to our customers by giving closely focused attention to their requests and challenges, and providing products that exceed their expectations.
Through rigorous corporate governance and comprehensive risk management and compliance, we do all that we can to ensure that Shibaura Mechatronics Group enjoys the trust of its stakeholders. We also firmly believe that we have a responsibility to operate in harmony with the environment, and are committed to offering manufacturing equipment— environmentally-conscious products —that support customers in cutting energy consumption in their own production activities. We also promote business processes that reduce environmental burdens during product development, manufacture and other activities.
As we anticipate changes yet to come, a deep understanding of the technologies we have cultivated over the years and of the new technologies we are developing support us in renewing our determination to respond to customer requests with novel approaches.
Through our products and activities, we will continue to do all we can to contribute to progress. As we do so, we ask all of you for your continued guidance and encouragement.



Shigeki Fujita
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer
Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation