Respect for Human Rights

The basic policy for human rights defined by the “Shibaura Group Standards of Conduct” clearly requires the group to respect basic human rights, to refrain from discriminatory behavior, to reject child labor and forced labor, and to ensure legal compliance. It also underlines respect for diverse individual values and characteristics and for privacy, and that Shibaura Group will not engage in a discriminatory or violent behavior for reasons related to race, religion, sex, nationality, disabilities, age or sexual orientation, or act in a way that ignores human rights, such as sexual harassment and power harassment.

Fair Trade

The company defines the following procurement policy in order to implement fair and equitable material procurement. We also provide employees responsible for procurement activities with training in the Subcontractor Act at appropriate times.

Procurement Policy

Fairness principle
We provide all procurement partners with fair opportunities to compete.

Fair evaluation
We make comprehensive and fair evaluations of quality, price, delivery times, service, stable supply, and environmental awareness.

We have established and strive to maintain a mutually profitable relationship with procurement partners.

Legal compliance principle
We will fulfill our contractual obligations with procurement partners to observe national and regional laws and regulations.

Green Procurement
We promote procurement of environmentally conscious products.

Quality Assurance

Our “Basic Policy on Quality Assurance” aims to improve CS from the perspective of product safety and quality (function and performance), so as to realize quality assurance from the viewpoint of customers.

Basic Policy on Quality Assurance

Fully reflecting our corporate principle of respect for human rights, Shibaura Mechatronics Group observes related laws and regulations, and gives top priority to our customers and to providing them with safe, high-quality products and services with advanced functions, and by doing so we aim to contribute to society.

Quality Control System

We have deployed a quality system fully compliant with ISO 9001, and we conduct appropriate reviews at each of quality at every step from receipt of order, design and manufacturing to testing, installation and service. We undertake thorough analysis of feedback and comments from customers and market information and use the results to improve our products.

Information Disclosure

By enhancing and reinforcing corporate governance, and through timely and appropriate information disclosure that ensures business transparency, we aim to be a company that wins the trust of all people.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Financial information is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner. We also provide securities companies, institutional investors and the media with such information at financial results meetings and press briefings held semiannually. We regard the annual meeting of the shareholders, held in June every year as an important forum for communication with our shareholders, and we also hold social gatherings with our president and directors after the meeting. We are also making efforts to promote better understanding of the group by our shareholders and investors by holding IR meetings with individual institutional investors as needed.

Export Control

Shibaura Mechatronics Group observes laws and regulations concerning exports and export transactions, and implements operations in accordance with the requirements of such laws, in order to avoid involvement in any transaction that may impair the maintenance of international peace and safety. All directors and employees are required to observe the “Shibaura Mechatronics Export Control Program”, and to avoid involvement with unauthorized trading. We also emphasize education and training to raise awareness of and enhance basic understanding of export control issues. All directors and employees receive this education, and managers and responsible persons in departments are provided with course-based, systematic group education. Personnel stationed abroad and mid-career employees are given individualized education when necessary.