Plasticization Coating Equipment

Plasticization Coating Equipment

Plasticization Coating Equipment

Sputtering and plasma polymerization for plastic parts with one piece of equipment

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  • Realizes metal film coating of aluminum, etc, on plastic parts (ornaments, automobile parts, etc.) and environmentally friendly film forming by plasma polymerization.
  • Saves space and achieves low running costs and high productivity with the high-speed sputtering technology for optical discs, etc., that we have cultivated over many years.
  • Also supports film formation on three-dimensional objects
Equipment type PLACOAT CFS-36PV-100
External dimensions (mm) W2500×D2500×H1500 Φ900×H1750 (Chamber size)
Work installation part size (mm) max. L500×W500×H200 max. Φ650×H1200
Cycle time (sec) 30 (except loading/unloading) 300 (except loading/unloading)
Unit configuration Inline type
1. L/L
2. Sputtering
3. Polymerization
Batch type
1. Sputtering
2. Polymerization