High-Speed, Single-Wafer Sputtering Equipment

High-Speed, Single-Wafer Sputtering Equipment

High-Speed, Single-Wafer Sputtering Equipment

Achieved higher added value, such as the combination of reflective film and protective film.
The BM series of high-speed, single-wafer sputtering equipment supports automated lines for the formation of films on three-dimensional objects.

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Application example

  • Exterior equipment of automobiles
  • Emblems, small lamp reflectors, mirrors, etc.
  • Interior equipment of automobiles
  • Meter rings, switches, etc.


Special P-gun stracture
  • Supporting three-dimensional objects: Improved film deposition on side surfaces of three-dimensional objects
  • A maximum of two types of materials can be laminated.
  • Small-quantity, large-variety production with the use of special holders.
  • Reduced production setup time.
  • With the adoption of the pick and place mechanism in the transport system, easy docking with automated lines is achieved.
  • The formation of radio wave permeable films (non-continuous films) for millimeter-wave radar is possible.
  BM-700 BM-600
Suitable for three-dimensional workpieces Suitable for mirrors and flat plane workpieces
For non-continuous films For decorative coloring For decorative coloring
film In, Sn, etc. Al, Cr, etc. Al, Cr, etc.
Sputtering source ø150 mm, a maximum of 2 pieces ø300 mm 1 piece
Max size entered ø270×t70mm ø300×t70mm ø250×t14mm
※ Film-thickness distribution guarantee is an optional specification.
Cycle time 60 sec/batch 16 sec/batch 8 sec/batch