Flip Chip Bonder>>TFC-9000

Flip Chip Bonder

Flip Chip Bonder>>TFC-9000

High throughput & high accuracy due to double head; applicable to FC-BGA, FO-WLP

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  • Accuracy
    Local alignment ・・・5μm, Global alignment ・・・ 7μm
  • UPH
    more than 6000
  • Bond force
    up to 50 N
  • Applicable die size
    up to 20 x 20 mm
  • Applicable substrate size
    up to W330 x L330mm
  • Various optional functions
    Flux-dipping function, Face-up bond function, thinner die pick up function, etc.
  • Applicable package
    FO-WLP, FC-BGA etc.
  • Applicable process
    C4, T/C etc.