Flip Chip Bonder>>TFC-3600-300

Flip Chip Bonder
(for Display Driver)

Flip Chip Bonder>>TFC-3600-300(for Display Driver)

High accuracy flip chip bonder for COF Package for 300mm wafer applicable

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  • We provide stable COF package by high precision bonding.
    Accuracy ± 1.5 μm
    We provide narrow pitch of display driver IC by High-precision bonding.
  • Special equipment for COF package
    We provide high production capacity with space saved by Film Transfer by reel to reel.
  • Stable bonding is realized by high rigidity mechanism.
    We provide high Force & High-Temp bonding for display ICs with increasing number of pins.
  • Easy operation and maintenance
    Best seller of Shibaura bonding equipment
    We support our customers`request with abundant know-how.
Item Spec
Dry Tact 1.35sec/Die *1
Accuracy ±1.5μm
Bond Force 10~343N
Wafer Size 200mm/300mm
Substrate Size Width : 35, 48, 70mm
Bonding Process Eutectic bonding etc.

*1)The specification shown above is Shibaura standard condition.