Ion Chemical Etching System

Ion Chemical Etching System (ICE)

Ion Chemical Etching System

High speed, Low damage etching system

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  • A high density, low-energy plasma source secures high-speed, low charging damage etching
  • Low-pressure process
  • High productivity rate of 160 wafers/h
  • Double-process chamber
  • Many functions (series etching, parallel etching)
  • Applicable to 300mm wafers (option)

Equipment specifications

Material Resist strip (Low-k, Organic Low-k, HDIS, Post Via etch)
Wafer size 8, 12 inch
Method ICP + Bias plasma source
Process chambers 2 chambers
Discharge Source: RF 13.56MHz, 5kW
Bias: RF 13.56MHz, 1kW
Transfer mechanism Vacuum robot (Shibaura’s original)
Wafer temperature control 5~70 degC with E-chuck function
Pressure controls APC (Throttle valve) × 2
Vacuum pumps Turbo molecular pump × 2
Dry pump × 3

Process specifications

Gases O2 ,N2 ,CF4 ,H2 ,NH3
Etching rate Resist 2.5µm/min (25°C)
Uniformity ≦±5%
Metal contamination ≦5×1010 Atoms/cm2
Particles ≤ 20pcs/wafer (≥ 0.2µm)
Throughput ≤ 160wafers/h
Tact time ≤ 20sec/wafer